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I was born in a boxcar north of
Estherville, Iowa in 1934 and raised on
a hardscrabble farm in Dodge County,
Minnesota. I am self-taught and have
been practicing since 1959. I work in
oil, watercolor, pen and ink, and pastel.
My subjects are primarily landscapes,
buildings, and boats. My work has
been published by the Minnesota State
Historical Society, The Minnesota Bar
Association, Mayo Clinic Fellows
Association, The Gift of Life Transplant
House and the American Medical
Women's Association, among others.
Exhibition venues have ranged from
a windswept clothesline on the remote
island of Inishmore, Ireland to the
Grand Central Art Gallery at the
Biltmore Hotel in New York City.

Though I have been at it for over forty
years and have an estimated 4,000 art
works behind me there is still no
greater thrill than sitting down in front
of a blank canvas or watercolor block!

Pen-and-ink renderings and watercolor
portraits of folks' houses are my
specialty and I invite commission work
along that line. 14" X 20" Watercolors
produced from your good color
photograph on high quality
Arches 140
lb paper. An easy transaction. Simply
send me the photo, I do the painting
and send back. To inquire or purchase,
contact Ron by clicking right here.

Home in Natchez, Mississipi
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At The Lake . Minnesota
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Natchez, Mississipi Estate
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Book by Ron Hunt and Suzy Hoven
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Sneem . County Kerry . Ireland
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